Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Season at EDA

For the fifth year in a row we are asking dancers to donate new unwrapped gifts for children in need in lieu of gifts for their dance teachers.  We have donated over 700 toys to the CP24/CHUM Wish program, which distributes gifts for children who otherwise would not receive any.

When you bring in a gift please see the front desk for your star.  Decorate and write your name on your star to be displayed on our WALL OF FAME.  This way your dance teachers will know that you have donated a gift in their honour.

Please note the studio will be closed from Sunday December 23rd to Sunday January 6th.  All classes resume Monday January 7th. 

Upcoming events:

Competitive Showcase at the Richmond Hill Theatre Sunday January 27th
Photo Day April 8th and 9th at the studio
Recitals May 6th and 7th Richmond Hill Theatre

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Registration

Fall registration for all recreational classes is ongoing.  Please visit the studio Monday-Thursday from 4-8 pm or Saturday from 9am-3 pm to register for your class.  You can also register by phone during the same hours (905) 879-8777.  Classes are filling up, don't wait too long!  See you all soon!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Competitive offer sheets and meetings

We have mailed out all competitive offer sheets this week, they should all be received by Tuesday, if not sooner. If you do not receive your competitive offer package please notify us as soon as possible and we will send out another one. We are looking forward to meeting with all of our competitive families, and are very excited about our new ideas and dancers for this season!

Don't forget to check your shoes before attending your meeting!  We are able to fit you for any shoes or dancewear you need during your meeting.  See you all soon:)

Fall Registration: shoes and dancewear

Registration for our fall program is filling up fast.  You are able to register at the studio Monday-Thursday 4-8 or Saturdays from 9-3.  You are also able to register for all classes by phone during these same hours at (905) 879-8777.  All recreational classes have a maximum of 15 students in each class, they will fill up, don't be dissapointed!

We are now fully stocked in shoes and dancewear for the season.  If you require either new shoes or dancewear please see us at the studio during our regular business hours.  Our qualifed staff will help you with what you need for your 2012/2013 classes.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer workshops!

Great job to all of the dancers participating in the summer workshops!  We are observing classes, and asking for teacher input as we form our competitive offer sheets which will be mailed out mid August.  We meet with each competitive dancer and their parent (s) in August to discuss each dancer's progress and goals for next year.  Keep up the great work dancers!  Looks like we are in for another amazing competitive season!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Well folks, the dvds and the photos are in for pick up!  we are open Monday-Thursday 4 pm-8pm and Saturdays from 9 am-3 pm.  Stay tuned for some website updates and some great new programs opening up!  See you all soon:)

There are a few spots left in our summer camp running in the month of august.  Please see the front desk for registrations.

Reminder:  This Monday June 4th we are holding the competitive auditions.  Please contact the studio for your audition time if you have not already done so. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recital wrap up

Thank you to everyone who attended our 4th annual recital.  We are very proud of all of the dancers who were part of such a fantastic show.  Don't forget that this week is bring a friend to dance week!  Here is some wrap up information:
-  We will accept photo orders at the studio until friday, after that you will have to mail them directly to the photographer
-  If you would like to order a video of the performance please visit and visit their video store.  Search Energy Dance Arts and a video will be shipped to the studio for you.

Please check back for updates and when photos and videos come in!  Thanks for a great season!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recital 2012- and final show order

Recital is just a few short days away!  We are all very excited for this year's recital!  Some tickets are still available at the box office.  Our 2:00 show is almost sold out, and 7:00 has limited seating. 

If you are a recreational dancer in the 2:00 show, please arrive at the theatre by 1:30 p.m. if your dance is before intermission, and by 2:00 if your dance is after intermission.
If you are a recreational dancer in the 7:00 show, please arrive at the theatre by 6:30 if your dance is before intermission, and by 7:00 if your dance is after intermission.

When you arrive at the theatre you will find a list of dressing rooms.  Please leave your coats, bags etc. in the dressing room and meet your dance group in the rehearsal hall located behind the box office.  Bring your dance shoes and anything else you may need with you.  (this includes epi-pens or puffers!)  You will stay in this room until your parents come to pick you up, unless you are 12 years and older or have been given special permission.

Intermission:  We will invite all dancers to join us on stage as we present ballet examination certificates as well as our recreational and competitive team character and most improved awards.

We have made a few final adjustments to our show order.  Please double check the list below for your dance number.
Recital Order 2012:  Sunday May 6th 2012

2:00 p.m. show
7:00 p.m. show
1.  Opening number
1.  Opening number
2.  I see the light
2.  I like To Move It
3.  Eenie Meenie
3.  Slow Me Down
4.  Reflections
4.  1000 ships
5.  Bulletproof
5.  Glam
6.  Right Now
6.  O’Verona
7.  369
7.  Church
8.  Supergirl
8.  Sort of
9.  Slow me Down
9.  Real Wild Child
10.  Butterfly Kisses
10.  Sail
11.  In the Jungle
11.  Sealion Woman
12.  Hound Dog
12.  Toy Soldier
13.  Somewhere Out There
13.  The Funeral
14.  On Your Shore
14.  His Cheeseburger
15.  Shake your Groove Thing
15.  Distortion
16.  Dirty Bit
16.  Man Eater
17.  Real Wild Child
17.  Chasing Cars
18.  I like That
18.  Crazy

19.  Cosmic Love

19.  Spring
20.  Tocatta
20.  Rock the Boat
21.  Despicable Me
21.  Technologic
22.  Spring
22. O’Verona
23.  Supergirl
23.  You’ve got  Friend
24.  Butterfly Kisses
24.  Rockin Robin
25.  Serenade for Strings
25.  1000 ships
26.  Kiss With a Fist
26.  Love Shack
27.   Body Language
27.  Boogie Shoes
28.  Birds
28.  Party Rock
29.  Silent All These Years
29.  Cosmic Love
30.  Sofi Needs a Ladder
30.  Somewhere over the Rainbow
31.  Bum Like You
31.  See You Again
32.  Fear You Won’t Fall
32.  Sort of
33.  Alphabeat
33.  Saturday
34.   I Like That
34.  His Cheeseburger
35.  In The Jungle
35.  Witch Doctor
36. 1, 2, Step
36.  The Funeral
37. I Will let you Go
37.  You’ve got the Beat
38.  Rumour Has It
38.  Mary Poppins
39.  Fruit Machine

40.  Mary Poppins

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ultimate Dance Connection overall results

Sorry!  A day late with the overalls!  We were so excited about our upcoming recital we forgot to update the overall results from our last competition of the season!  This was a big competition, so we are incredibly impressed with all of our overalls!  Here are some highlights:

1st Overall ballet group:  Over the Rainbow
2nd Overall Novice group:  Rockin' Robin
1st Overall Novice group:  Supergirl
2nd overall pre-comp:  On your Shore
1st Overall Pre-comp:  Bulletproof
5th overall jr soloist:  My Boyfriend's back
4th overall jr group:  Technologic
1st overall jr group:  Butterfly kisses
3rd overall inter group:  Birds
2nd overall sr trio:  the Funeral
1st overall sr soloist:  Lights
4th overall sr group:  I Like That
3rd overall sr group:  Cosmic Love
3rd overall sr small group:  Sail
2nd overall sr small group:  Silent all these Years
1st overall sr small group:  O'Verona
1st overall production:  Mary Poppins

Scholarships:  Vanessa P., Christina B.

Adjudicators choice awards: 
Overall technician:  O'Verona
Overall costume:  Technologic

Choreography awards:  O'Verona, Cosmic Love

Monday, April 16, 2012

Believe dance competition results

Congratulations to the EDA competitive team for their amazing results this past weekend. Here are some of our overalls

Highest group: Bulletproof

1st highest mini solo: I wanna dance with somebody
3rd highest mini group: Rockin Robin
2nd highest mini group: Supergirl
1st highest junior solo: White Houses
1st highest intermediate solo: Wild Horses

1st highest mini solo: My Boyfriends back
3rd highest mini group: Technologic
2nd highest mini group: Real Wild Child
1st highest mini group: His Cheeseburger
2nd overall junior group: Butterfly Kisses
1st highest junior trio: 1000 ships
1st overall intermediate trio: Sort Of
1st overall intermediate small group: Birds
3rd overall intermediate large group: Distortion
2nd overall intermediate large group: Sealion Woman
1st overall intermediate large group: In the Jungle
3rd overall senior solo: Your Song
2nd overall senior solo: Lights
1st overall senior trio: Funeral
3rd overall senior small group: Kiss with a Fist
2nd overall senior small group: Silent all these years
1st overall senior small group: O'Verona
3rd overall senior large group: Tocatta
2nd overall senior large group: I like That
1st overall senior large group: Cosmic Love

Highest overall production: Mary Poppins
Outstanding Choreography: Cosmic Love

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recital 2012 Show Order... Final... we think

Please use the table below as a draft of our final show order. There may be some slight modifications between now and the show, please check the website for any changes.
Tickets for the recital go on sale Monday April 16th by phone and in person at the theatre. Online sales start one week later. Looking forward to two fabulous recitals!

2:00 p.m. show
7:00 p.m. show
1. Opening number
1. Opening number
2. I see the light
2. I like To Move It
3. Eenie Meenie
3. Slow Me Down
4. Reflections
4. 1000 ships
5. Bulletproof
5. Glam
6. Right Now
6. O’Verona
7. 369
7. Church
8. Supergirl
8. Sort of
9. Slow Me Down
9. Real Wild Child
10. Butterfly Kisses
10. Sail
11. In the Jungle
11. Sealion
12. Hound Dog
12. Toy Soldier
13. Somewhere Out There
13. The Funeral
14. On Your Shore
14. His Cheeseburger
15. Shake your Groove Thing
15. Distortion
16. Dirty Bit
16. Man Eater
17. Real Wild Child
17. Chasing Cars
18. I like That
18. Crazy

19. Cosmic Love

19. Spring
20. Tocatta
20. Rock the Boat
21. Dispicable Me
21. Technologic
22. Spring
22. O’Verona
23. Supergirl
23. You’ve got Friend
24. Butterfly Kisses
24. Rockin Robin
25. Serenade for Strings
25. Serenade for Strings
26. Kiss With a Fist
26. Love Shack
27. Body Language
27. Boogie Shoes
28. Birds
28. Party Rock
29. Silent All These Years
29. Cosmic Love
30. Sofi Needs a Ladder
30. Somewhere over the Rainbow
31. Bum Like You
31. See You Again
32. Fear you Wont Fall
32. Witch Doctor
33. Alphabeat
33. Saturday
34. I like That
34. His Cheeseburger
35. In The Jungle
35. Sort of
36. 1, 2 Step
36. The funeral
37. Rumour Has It
37. You’ve got the Beat
38. I Will Let You Go
38. Mary Poppins
39. Fruit Machine

40. Mary Poppins

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dance Canada Niagara Falls Results

Congratulations to our competitive team for a fabulous weekend in Niagara Falls! Along with some fantastic shopping, we came home with so many Dance Canada Cups! The level of competition was tough, so we are extra proud of all of our overalls. Here are some of the highlights:

3rd Overall novice Mark: White Houses, Carina Lyons
2nd Overall pre-competitive: Bulletproof
3rd Overall 8 and Under Group: Right Now
2nd Overall 8 and Under Group: His Cheeseburger
1st Overall 8 and Under Group: Real Wild Child
2nd Overall 9-10 trio: 1000 Ships
3rd Overall 11-12 group: Birds
2nd Overall 11-12 Line: Sealion Woman
3rd Overall 13-15 Line: I like That
3rd Overall 16 and over solo: What Love Got to Do With it, Vanessa Pedersen
2nd Overall 16 and over trio: The Funeral
3rd Overall 16 and Over group: Silent all These Years
1st Overall Production: Mary Poppins
Junior Creative Concept Award: His Cheeseburger
Junior Canada Cup Champions( highest mark of all dances 12 and under): Real Wild Child

We also received many special awards, please take a look at them at the studio.
Congrats again to all dancers, we hope you all had a great weekend! Looking forward to the next competition in less than three weeks!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Kick It Up Results 2012

Congratulations competitive team! Overall studio winner for the second year in a row! Check out that Jukebox in the large studio! Here are the overall winners for this weekend:
Silent All These Years
Cosmic Love
In the Jungle

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
On Your Shore

Rosco's sweetheart: Lindsay Eberlin

Scholarships: Lindsay Craven, Olivia Stadler, Sophia DeProspero, Amanda Bezugly

1st overall small fry solo: I wanna dance with somebody
2nd overall junior solo: White Houses
1st overall inter solo: Wild Horses
1st overall novice group: Supergirl

Competitive category:
Musical Theatre:
3rd overall group: His Cheeseburger
1st overall group: In the Jungle

1st overall duet/trio: Serenade for Strings
3rd overall group: Spring
2nd overall group: Over the Rainbow
1st overall group: Tocatta

3rd overall small fry solo: My boyfriends back
3rd overall duet/trio: Slow Me Down
2nd overall duet/trio: The Funeral

3rd overall group small fry: Technologic
2nd overall junior group: Birds
1st overall inter small group: O'Verona
1st overall inter large group: Cosmic Love
3rd overall senior group: Silent all These Years
2nd overall senior group: Sail
1st overall senior group: I Like That

Judges choice:
overall entertaining: His cheeseburger
overall choreography: Cosmic Love

High score of comp: Cosmic Love

And too many special award to even mention! Congratulations EDA team, you made us all very proud.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Recreational and Competitive Photo Days

This year our recreational photos will take place on Wednesday April 18th. A schedule for all group shots has been sent home this week with all students. A copy of our summer camp brochure was also handed out. Registration will begin March 1st.

Competitive photo day will take place Tuesday April 17th. All competitive students will receive their schedule via email before photo day.

Next weekend our competitive team is heading to kick it up! in Barrie. Good luck to all of our dancers!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Competitive Showcase

Our competitive showcase is taking place Sunday January 29th at 10 a.m. at the Richmond Hill Theatre for the Performing Arts. Tickets are general admission at $12.00 and can be purchased at the studio or at the door. This year we have decided to divide the show into disciplines, so that you can see the progress through the companies in each discipline. Here is the show order:

Sonata in A
Over the Rainbow
White Shadows
Serenade for Strings
Your Song
Hip Hop
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Wade in the Water
Real Wild Child
White Houses
What's Love Got to do With it
My Boyfriends Back
1, 000 Ships
I Like That

Rockin Robin
Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
Right Now
Sealion Woman
Kiss with a Fist
Musical Theatre
His Cheeseburger
In the Jungle
The Funeral
Slow Me Down
Baby's Romance
On Your Shore
Wild Horses
Cosmic Love
Butterfly Kisses
Fear You Won't Fall
Silent All These Years
Sort Of
Special Two
Mary Poppins

Our best guess is that the show will finish sometime around 12:15.
See you all there!