Monday, March 26, 2012

Dance Canada Niagara Falls Results

Congratulations to our competitive team for a fabulous weekend in Niagara Falls! Along with some fantastic shopping, we came home with so many Dance Canada Cups! The level of competition was tough, so we are extra proud of all of our overalls. Here are some of the highlights:

3rd Overall novice Mark: White Houses, Carina Lyons
2nd Overall pre-competitive: Bulletproof
3rd Overall 8 and Under Group: Right Now
2nd Overall 8 and Under Group: His Cheeseburger
1st Overall 8 and Under Group: Real Wild Child
2nd Overall 9-10 trio: 1000 Ships
3rd Overall 11-12 group: Birds
2nd Overall 11-12 Line: Sealion Woman
3rd Overall 13-15 Line: I like That
3rd Overall 16 and over solo: What Love Got to Do With it, Vanessa Pedersen
2nd Overall 16 and over trio: The Funeral
3rd Overall 16 and Over group: Silent all These Years
1st Overall Production: Mary Poppins
Junior Creative Concept Award: His Cheeseburger
Junior Canada Cup Champions( highest mark of all dances 12 and under): Real Wild Child

We also received many special awards, please take a look at them at the studio.
Congrats again to all dancers, we hope you all had a great weekend! Looking forward to the next competition in less than three weeks!

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