Sunday, January 20, 2013

Competitive Showcase Order!

1.    Coppelia- Sr. Ballet
2.    Rhythm Nation-  Mini Tap
3.    Blue Bird-  Lauren Hwang
4.    Calling All the Monsters-  Jr. Jazz
5.    The Dance-  Sr. Acro
6.    Don’t Wanna Be Here-  Sophia DiProspero
7.    Hot N Cold-  Rachel Johnson
8.    No Good For Me-  Sr. Cont. Trio
9.    Hot Hot Hot-  Novice Jazz
10.         Winter Song-  Jr. Small Lyrical
11.         Merry Happy-  Sr. Tap
12.         Respect-  Aria Hwang
13.         Stuck On You-  Carina Lyons
14.         Hurt-  Danielle Belanger
15.         5, 6, 7, 8-  Mini Jazz
16.         Linger On-  Linda Sobaszek
17.         Dragon’s Den-  Jr. Acro
18.         Heads Will Roll-  Sr Jazz Duet
19.         A Thousand Years-  Inter Contemporary
20.         Say It Ain't So-  Novice Sr Cont. Trio
21.         No Speak Americano-  Jr. Tap

22.         Sweet Disposition-  Sr. Contemporary
23.         Sailor’s Hornpipe-  Mini Ballet
24.         Lean Back-  Jr. Ballet
25.         I Think We’re Alone Now-  Novice Mini Trio
26.         Time-  Sr. Lyrical
27.         Sylvia-  Jade Armand
28.         Itsy Bitsy Spider-  Mini Acro
29.         Jack in the Box-  Kaitlin Eberlin
30.         More Than Words-  Sr. Musical Theatre
31.         This Year’s Love-  Sr Lyrical Trio
32.         18th Floor Balcony-  Devon Robertson
33.         Cooler Than Me-  Novice Jr Tap Trio
34.         To Build A Home-  Lauren Hwang
35.         Everything At Once-  Jr. Jazz Trio
36.         Public Service Announcement-  Jr. Musical Theatre
37.         Beautiful People-  Sr. Jazz
38.         Unstoppable-  Novice Jr. Jazz Trio
39.         Big Girls Don’t Cry-  Novice Tap
40.         Nurse’s Diary-  Lindsay Eberlin
41.    Wonka! - Production