Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dance Canada Niagara Falls

Fantastic Work to all of our Dynamic Dancers!  We had a fantastic time in Niagara Falls this weekend, and really cleaned up!  Check out all of those cups in our front lobby!  Here is a snapshot of some of the awards we won

:I Think We’re Alone Now – Special Award “Spic & Span!” – 1st Novice Overall Duet/Trio – 2nd Overall Novice Award

Cooler Than Me – 2nd Novice Overall Duet/Trio

Unstoppable – 3rd Novice Overall Duet/Trio

Big Girls Don’t Cry – 2nd Novice Overall Group/Line

1000 Years- 3rd overall Precompetitive

Linger On – 2nd Novice Overall Solo 13+

Respect – 3rd Overall Junior Solo

5, 6, 7, 8 – 1st Overall mini Line/Ext. Line

Public Service Announcement – Special Award “Pure Entertainment” - 2nd Overall mini Line/Ext. Line

Itsy Bitsy Spider – 3rd Overall mini Line/Ext. Line

Dragon’s Den – 1st Overall Junior Group

Winter Song –2nd Overall Junior Group

Calling All Monsters – 1st Overall Junior Line/Ext. Line

No Speak Americano –2nd Overall Junior Line/Ext. Line - Junior Judges Choice Creative Concept Award

The Dance – Special Award “Superb Suspension”

Sweet Disposition – Special Award “You’re In Good Hands!”

Beautiful People – Special Award “Shark Attack”

Wonka! – Special Award “Fantastic Teamwork” – 1st Overall Production