Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays

Just a reminder that the studio will be closed from Saturday December 24th to Friday January 6th. Classes resume Saturday January 7th.

We are still counting the donated toys, but so far we are up to almost 200! Keep them coming!

Reminder that our competitive showcase takes place Sunday January 29th. Tickets are available at the studio or through a competitive family in January. Hope to see many of you there!

wishing you all a very happy holiday season.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Studio closures 2011/2012

Please note that we will be closed the following dates:

Thanksgiving: closed Monday October 10th
Winter Break: closed Saturday December 24th- Friday January 6th inclusive
Family Day: closed Monday February 20th
March Break: closed Sunday March 11th-Sunday March 18th inclusive
Good Friday: closed Friday April 6th

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Classes have begun!

Welcome everyone to the 2011/2012 dance season at Energy Dance Arts Inc.
We are very happy to have each and everyone of you as part of our studio. Welcome back to all of our returning students, and thank you to all of our newest students for joining us this year.
As we navigate through the first few weeks of classes, Energy Dance Arts staff will notify you if they believe that your child has been placed in a class that does not match their skill level. Please also feel free to speak to us by making an appointment with the front desk as to placing your child in a different dance class. We always want to make sure that every dancer in challenged and having a load of fun.

Please check back to our blog for updates this year, as we will only be handing out a few paper newsletters to save our trees!

Looking forward to a fantastic season!

Energy Dance Arts staff

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DVDs are in!!!

Come by the studio Mon-Thurs from 4-8 or Saturday from 9-3 to pick up your dvd of the recital. They are still available for purchase online at drcvideo.com

Space in our summer camp is very limited. Please reserve your spot now to avoid disappointment. Session one is almost full!

Monday, June 20, 2011

2010/2011 photos are in!

All competitive and recreational photos that were ordered before recital are in! Come by the studio during our regular hours (mon-thurs 4-8, sat 9-3)
The dvds will be coming in this week too!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Post recital wrap up!

What a great two days of performances! Congratulations to all dancers on two successful shows! Here are a few reminders that we spoke about at the recital:

- The studio is open from 4-8 monday-thursday and saturdays from 9-3 all summer
- We are still accepting photos and early bird registrations until this saturday
- If you would like to order a video of the performance please visit www.drcvideo.com and visit their video store.
- Competitive auditions take place Monday June 13th, please call the studio for an appointment

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful families be a part of our dance studio. Hope to see you all this summer at workshops or summer camp!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wednesday May 11th recital order

1. Opening Number ( competitive company)
2. Part of your World
3. Commander
4. Foundations
5. Aint Nothin Wrong
6. Adventure
7. Lollipop
8. Earth
9. Bittersweet symphony
10. Kaboom!
11. Book of Right On
12. Firework
13, Half Life
14. Girlfriend
15. Dirty Picture
16. Keep Breathing
17. More
18. How to Save a Life
19. Tarzan Jungle Man
20. Viva!
21. Fur Elise
22. Caterpillars
23. Hey Soul Sister
24. Make Her Say
25. Evacuate the Dance Floor
26. Slide
27. Bellybutton
28. Let Me Think About It
29. Cross my Heart
30. Fame
31. Sausage
32. Fireflies
33. First Love
34. Imagine
35. No Air
36. Wind It up
37. Black Horse
38. I Feel Good
39. JAM!

Tuesday May 10th recital order

1. Opening Number (competitive team)
2. When You Wish Upon a Star
3. I Want Candy
4. Foundations
5. Another One Bites the Dust
6. Ain't Nothin Wrong
7. Bellybutton
8. Belle
9. Earth
10. Bear Necessities
11. Lollipop
12. Surfin USA
13. Work Me Down
14. Fly to your Heart
15. Walk The Dinosaur
16. Baby
17. Princess
18. Keep Breathing
19. Viva!
20. You Shook Me All Night Long
21. Cotton Eye Joe
22. Cannon In D
23. Think About It
24. Jump On It
25. Sugar Sugar
26. Girlfriend
27. Kaboom!
28. We R Who We R
29. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
30. Doin The Doo
31. Sausage
32. Black Horse
33. Caterpillars
34. Speeding Cars
35. Every Little Thing
36. Please Dont Stop the Music
37. JAM!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Starbeat Results!

Congratulations to the EDA team once again for a great weekend!
Here are some highlights from the Starbeat comp last weekend

Special Awards:
Toe Happy: Right as Rain
Veggie Delight: Bellybutton
Synchronized swimming: Work Me Down
Spinning Tops: First Love
Dino-Mite: Walk the Dinosaur
Spic and Span: Let Me Think About It
Breath of Fresh Air: Keep Breathing

2nd Highest Line: Earth
1st Highest Line: Let Me Think About It
Tie for 1st highest group: Viva!

Overall High Scoring Acro: Viva! (94.04)
Overall High Scoring Jazz: Let Me Think About It (94.88)
Highest Score of the Day: Let Me Think About It
(on the second day JAM! was only 0.06 away from the highest mark of the day...so close!)
Highest Production: JAM! (95.31)
Overall Costume: Bellybutton

Way to go ladies! Looking forward to more great results from Luv2dance!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kick It Up Results!

Congratulations to all of the EDA Dancers on a fantastic competitive weekend. We are so proud of all of you! Here is a list of the special awards and the overall we won!

Let Me Think About it- Precision Plus
Bubbly- Smile Like Sunshine
Grace- Light as Air
Work Me Down- Pretty Polished
JAM!- Redbull award
Aha!- Light as a Feather
Earth- Heart and Soul
You Shook Me all Night Long- Polished
Veggie Tales Bellybutton- Cute, Fun, Delish
Girlfriend- Back Row Clean
First Love- Simply Graceful
Everywhere- Audience engager
Viva- Standout Award
Outta Here- Sounds

Rosco Standout Potential: Walk the Dinosaur and Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Choreography: Book of Right On


2nd Overall Novice solo: Carly Mandel, Outta Here

3rd Overall Novice Trio: Every Little Thing
1st Overall Novice Duet: Surfin USA
3rd Overall Novice Group: Lollipop
1st Overall Novice Group: Can you Feel The Love Tonight
1st Overall Pre-Competitive Group: Work Me Down
3rd Overall Int Trio: Blackhorse and a Cherry Tree
2nd Overall Int Trio: Foundations
1st Overall Sr Duet: Half Life
1st Overall Sr. Solo: Olivia Stadler, Everywhere
3rd Overall Mini small group: Walk The Dinosaur
3rd Overall Jr Small Group: Keep Breathing
2nd Overall Int. Small group: First Love
1st Overall Int. Small group: Viva!
3rd Overall Mini Large Group: Girlfriend
3rd Overall Jr Large Group: Ain’t Nothin Wrong With That
3rd Overall Int/Sr Large Group: Earth
2nd Overall Int/Sr Large Group- Let Me Think About It
2nd Overall Musical Theare: Bellybutton
2nd Overall Mini Ballet: Canon in D
1st Overall Jr Ballet: You Shook Me All Night Long
2nd Overall Int/Sr Ballet: Fur Elise
1st Overall Production: JAM!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Competitive Makeup!

Here is a list of makeup (MAC) Allie used for our makeup demonstration:
Lipstick: brick liner with russian red lipstick
blush: prism
eyeshadows: vanilla, espresso (brun is also great)
eyelashes: hers were QUO from shoppers drugmart

Friday, January 7, 2011

Competitive Showcase

When: Sunday January 30th 10:00 a.m.
Where: Richmond Hill Theatre for the Performing Arts
Tickets: $12.00 general admission. Please see a competitive family or the front desk for tickets!

Our competitive showcase is run like a recital, as a practice run for our competitive numbers. It is a great opportunity for dancers to get a real feel for the stage, and allows us to make notes on changes we would like to make to choreography, lines and costumes before the competitive season begins. Please join us in celebrating the start of our competitive season!

Here is the show order:
  1. Earth
  2. Can you feel the Love Tonight
  3. Every Little Thing
  4. Foundations
  5. Caterpillars
  6. Aha
  7. Hey Soul Sister
  8. Make Her say
  9. Everywhere
  10. When She Loved Me
  11. Surfin USA
  12. Bellybutton
  13. Work Me down
  14. Keep Breathing
  15. Book of Right On
  16. Half Life
  17. Walking on Air
  18. Slide
  19. Aint Nothin Wrong With That
  20. First Love
  21. Canon in D
  22. Fidelity
  23. Viva
  24. Fur Elise
  25. You shook me all night long
  26. Girlfriend
  27. Twilight
  28. Think About it
  29. Bubbly
  30. Right As Rain
  31. Black Horse and a Cherry Tree
  32. Kaboom
  33. Pride and Joy
  34. Upstairs
  35. No Air
  36. Lollipop
  37. Sausage
  38. Miss you Love
  39. Grace
  40. Walk the Dinosaur
  41. Imagine
  42. Dirty Picture
  43. How to Save a Life
  44. Addicted to Love
  45. Nicest Thing
  46. Outta here
  47. JAM

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Wish huge success!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Together we donated over 250 toys to the CP24 CHUM city Christmas Wish. A heartfelt thank you to all of the dancers and parents who donated in honour of our staff. We wish you all health, happiness and love in the New Year!