Monday, April 16, 2012

Believe dance competition results

Congratulations to the EDA competitive team for their amazing results this past weekend. Here are some of our overalls

Highest group: Bulletproof

1st highest mini solo: I wanna dance with somebody
3rd highest mini group: Rockin Robin
2nd highest mini group: Supergirl
1st highest junior solo: White Houses
1st highest intermediate solo: Wild Horses

1st highest mini solo: My Boyfriends back
3rd highest mini group: Technologic
2nd highest mini group: Real Wild Child
1st highest mini group: His Cheeseburger
2nd overall junior group: Butterfly Kisses
1st highest junior trio: 1000 ships
1st overall intermediate trio: Sort Of
1st overall intermediate small group: Birds
3rd overall intermediate large group: Distortion
2nd overall intermediate large group: Sealion Woman
1st overall intermediate large group: In the Jungle
3rd overall senior solo: Your Song
2nd overall senior solo: Lights
1st overall senior trio: Funeral
3rd overall senior small group: Kiss with a Fist
2nd overall senior small group: Silent all these years
1st overall senior small group: O'Verona
3rd overall senior large group: Tocatta
2nd overall senior large group: I like That
1st overall senior large group: Cosmic Love

Highest overall production: Mary Poppins
Outstanding Choreography: Cosmic Love

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recital 2012 Show Order... Final... we think

Please use the table below as a draft of our final show order. There may be some slight modifications between now and the show, please check the website for any changes.
Tickets for the recital go on sale Monday April 16th by phone and in person at the theatre. Online sales start one week later. Looking forward to two fabulous recitals!

2:00 p.m. show
7:00 p.m. show
1. Opening number
1. Opening number
2. I see the light
2. I like To Move It
3. Eenie Meenie
3. Slow Me Down
4. Reflections
4. 1000 ships
5. Bulletproof
5. Glam
6. Right Now
6. O’Verona
7. 369
7. Church
8. Supergirl
8. Sort of
9. Slow Me Down
9. Real Wild Child
10. Butterfly Kisses
10. Sail
11. In the Jungle
11. Sealion
12. Hound Dog
12. Toy Soldier
13. Somewhere Out There
13. The Funeral
14. On Your Shore
14. His Cheeseburger
15. Shake your Groove Thing
15. Distortion
16. Dirty Bit
16. Man Eater
17. Real Wild Child
17. Chasing Cars
18. I like That
18. Crazy

19. Cosmic Love

19. Spring
20. Tocatta
20. Rock the Boat
21. Dispicable Me
21. Technologic
22. Spring
22. O’Verona
23. Supergirl
23. You’ve got Friend
24. Butterfly Kisses
24. Rockin Robin
25. Serenade for Strings
25. Serenade for Strings
26. Kiss With a Fist
26. Love Shack
27. Body Language
27. Boogie Shoes
28. Birds
28. Party Rock
29. Silent All These Years
29. Cosmic Love
30. Sofi Needs a Ladder
30. Somewhere over the Rainbow
31. Bum Like You
31. See You Again
32. Fear you Wont Fall
32. Witch Doctor
33. Alphabeat
33. Saturday
34. I like That
34. His Cheeseburger
35. In The Jungle
35. Sort of
36. 1, 2 Step
36. The funeral
37. Rumour Has It
37. You’ve got the Beat
38. I Will Let You Go
38. Mary Poppins
39. Fruit Machine

40. Mary Poppins