Monday, April 16, 2012

Believe dance competition results

Congratulations to the EDA competitive team for their amazing results this past weekend. Here are some of our overalls

Highest group: Bulletproof

1st highest mini solo: I wanna dance with somebody
3rd highest mini group: Rockin Robin
2nd highest mini group: Supergirl
1st highest junior solo: White Houses
1st highest intermediate solo: Wild Horses

1st highest mini solo: My Boyfriends back
3rd highest mini group: Technologic
2nd highest mini group: Real Wild Child
1st highest mini group: His Cheeseburger
2nd overall junior group: Butterfly Kisses
1st highest junior trio: 1000 ships
1st overall intermediate trio: Sort Of
1st overall intermediate small group: Birds
3rd overall intermediate large group: Distortion
2nd overall intermediate large group: Sealion Woman
1st overall intermediate large group: In the Jungle
3rd overall senior solo: Your Song
2nd overall senior solo: Lights
1st overall senior trio: Funeral
3rd overall senior small group: Kiss with a Fist
2nd overall senior small group: Silent all these years
1st overall senior small group: O'Verona
3rd overall senior large group: Tocatta
2nd overall senior large group: I like That
1st overall senior large group: Cosmic Love

Highest overall production: Mary Poppins
Outstanding Choreography: Cosmic Love

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