Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ultimate Dance Connection overall results

Sorry!  A day late with the overalls!  We were so excited about our upcoming recital we forgot to update the overall results from our last competition of the season!  This was a big competition, so we are incredibly impressed with all of our overalls!  Here are some highlights:

1st Overall ballet group:  Over the Rainbow
2nd Overall Novice group:  Rockin' Robin
1st Overall Novice group:  Supergirl
2nd overall pre-comp:  On your Shore
1st Overall Pre-comp:  Bulletproof
5th overall jr soloist:  My Boyfriend's back
4th overall jr group:  Technologic
1st overall jr group:  Butterfly kisses
3rd overall inter group:  Birds
2nd overall sr trio:  the Funeral
1st overall sr soloist:  Lights
4th overall sr group:  I Like That
3rd overall sr group:  Cosmic Love
3rd overall sr small group:  Sail
2nd overall sr small group:  Silent all these Years
1st overall sr small group:  O'Verona
1st overall production:  Mary Poppins

Scholarships:  Vanessa P., Christina B.

Adjudicators choice awards: 
Overall technician:  O'Verona
Overall costume:  Technologic

Choreography awards:  O'Verona, Cosmic Love

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