Monday, March 5, 2012

Kick It Up Results 2012

Congratulations competitive team! Overall studio winner for the second year in a row! Check out that Jukebox in the large studio! Here are the overall winners for this weekend:
Silent All These Years
Cosmic Love
In the Jungle

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
On Your Shore

Rosco's sweetheart: Lindsay Eberlin

Scholarships: Lindsay Craven, Olivia Stadler, Sophia DeProspero, Amanda Bezugly

1st overall small fry solo: I wanna dance with somebody
2nd overall junior solo: White Houses
1st overall inter solo: Wild Horses
1st overall novice group: Supergirl

Competitive category:
Musical Theatre:
3rd overall group: His Cheeseburger
1st overall group: In the Jungle

1st overall duet/trio: Serenade for Strings
3rd overall group: Spring
2nd overall group: Over the Rainbow
1st overall group: Tocatta

3rd overall small fry solo: My boyfriends back
3rd overall duet/trio: Slow Me Down
2nd overall duet/trio: The Funeral

3rd overall group small fry: Technologic
2nd overall junior group: Birds
1st overall inter small group: O'Verona
1st overall inter large group: Cosmic Love
3rd overall senior group: Silent all These Years
2nd overall senior group: Sail
1st overall senior group: I Like That

Judges choice:
overall entertaining: His cheeseburger
overall choreography: Cosmic Love

High score of comp: Cosmic Love

And too many special award to even mention! Congratulations EDA team, you made us all very proud.

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