Monday, January 16, 2017

Showcase Order- draft 1 January 29th Richmond Hill Theatre

This year our competitive showcase will be divided by group/discipline then by all trios and duets and finally solos.  The Theatre opens at 8 am-  seating will begin at 8:45, general admission.  Tickets are available at the studio.

1.  Destination Vegas!  Mini FT. JR PT, JR FT, Inter FT, SR PT, SR FT, Dance Dads!

Big Bad Wolf- Novice
Black Cat- Inter FT
Hey Mickey- Mini FT
Tea Party- JR FT
Army- SR PT
The Cave- SR FT
Cool Jerk- JR PT
3.   TAP
Hot Chocolate- Novice
Boogie Shoes- Mini FT
Doop- Jr FT
Run Boy Run- Inter FT
That Man- SR FT
Na Na Na- SR PT
Hand Clap- JR PT

99 Red Balloons-  Inter Ft
Somewhere Only We Know-  Mini FT
Jar of Hearts-  SR FT

5.  ACRO
Marry Me- Mini FT
Jai Ho- PT
Intergalactic- JR FT
Ellipse- Inter FT
Torn- SR FT
Happy Working Song-  Mini FT
Officer’s March-  JR FT
Lullaby-  JR PT
Bamboleo-  SR PT
Queen of Sheeba-  Inter FT
Rhapsody in Blue-  SR FT


Dance of the Hours-  Inter FT
Pas de Trois-  SR FT
Shake Senora- Mini FT
Magic- Mini FT
The Chipmunks- JR FT
Bang Bang- JR FT
Locomotion- JR FT
Rock This Party- Inter FT
Our Own House- Inter FT
Weird People- Inter FT
Beating Heart- SR FT
Hit The Road- SR FT
Party Go Boom- JR PT
Proud Mary- SR PT
Somethings Got a Hold On Me- SR PT
KPop Kids- Inter FT
Lose Control- trio
Sing-  SR FT
Friends Like Us- JR PT
Hocus Pocus- JR PT
Push It- SR FT
Breath of Life- SR FT
Creep- SR FT
Youth- Inter FT
People Help the People-  Inter FT
I Found-  SR FT
Dare-  SR PT

Respect- Kayla P.
Together Again- Melina E.
Meet me at the Roxy- Alessia P.
Emotions- Nina T.
Crazy Love- Julia S.
Fashionista- Kylie H.
Momma’s Place- Ashley H.
Skeleton Song- Chloe B.
Shameless- Rachel J.
I Will Survive- Alex A.
Company- Jett H.
Wind It Up- Katarina C.
Teach Me How To Shimmy- Annie G-A
Tricky- Isabella T.
Rock Steady- Kaitlin E.
I Gotta Feeling- Jessie P.
Bei Mir- Alyssa I.
Sea Cruise- Keira A.
Big and Loud- Nicole M.
Oridnary Day- Cassandra I.
Love Song-  Maya S.
Fuel to Fire-  Alessia M.
California Dreaming- Serena R.
Sound of Silence-  Rachel J.
Bad Things- Jewel C.
Landslide- Carina L.
Les Sylphides- Chloe B.
Capriccio-  Seraphina H.
Coppelia-  Jade A.
La Bayadere- Carina L.
This is Me-  Nicole L.
My Skin-  Hartley G.
Your Armour-  Alexia I.
Imagine What I Will-  Aria H.
Saturn-  Isabella T.
You Should Know-  Jade A.
Fields of Gold-  Serena R.
How to Love-  Jessie P.
This Woman’s Work-  Jewel C.

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