Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kick It Up Niagara Falls- Overall Awards!!!

Congratulations to all of our dancers on a FANTASTIC weekend at Kick It Up in Niagara Falls!  Below are all of the overall and special awards our team won this weekend.  We are so proud of each and every dancer, way to go!

Novice/Part Time Overalls
1st Overall Novice cutie/small fry solo - Build Me Up Buttercup (Nicole M)
1st Overall Novice Junior solo- Paper moon (Maya C)
1st Overall Novice Intermediate Solo- 14 Days (Talia H)
2nd Overall Novice Senior Solo- One Heart (Olivia L)
3rd Overall Novice Senior Solo- Breathe Again (Alyssa I)
2nd Overall novice Cutie/Small fry duet/trio- Diamonds
3rd Overall Novice Cutie/Small fry duet/trio- Dora the Explorer
1st Overall Novice Junior duet/trio- Ex's and Oh's
2nd Overall Junior duet/trio- For The People
3rd Overall small group- Little Bitty Pretty One
2nd Overall Pre-comp Intermediate Solo- Rock Your Body (Jett H)
1st Overall Pre-Comp Junior/Inter duet/trio- Tear It Down
2nd Overall Pre-comp junior/inter duet/trio- Beautiful
3rd Overall Pre-Comp Junior/Inter duet/trio- Stand Down
Competitive Overalls
1st Overall Intermediate duet/trio- We Built This City
3rd Overall Junior duet/trio- 2 Sapphires
1st Overall Junior extended line- Run Away Baby
1st Overall Junior Group- When Love Takes Over
3rd Overall Junior Group- Box of Secrets
1st Overall Intermediate Group-Mariella
4th Overall Senior Solo- Glory of Love (Carina L)
Ballet Overalls
1st Overall Ballet Group- The Mouse Waltz
3rd Overall Ballet Group-Cello Concerto
4th Overall Ballet Solo- Paquita (Carina Lyons)
Musical Theatre Overalls
3rs Overall Musical Theatre Duet/Trio- My Humps
Acro Overalls
1st Overall 12& under Acro solo- The Chain (Serena R)
1ST Overall 12& under Acro group- Spectrum
1st Overall 13& over Acro group- Radiant

Special Awards
Flawless- Ready, Set, Fly!
Energizer Bunnies- Run Away Baby
Acro Excellence- The Chain
Foundation First- The Mouse Waltz
Sizzlin' Taps- Box of Secrets
Amazing Strength- 53 Steps
Superb Shading Whistle
Jazz Attack- Party People
Watch Out World- Build Me Up Buttercup
Clean and Connected- Chelsea Rogers
Triple Threat- Ex's and Oh's
Dynamic Duo- Dora the Explorer
Clean and Controlled- Boom Boom
Standout award- The Curse

Best Choreography of the Session
-When Love Takes Over
-Sophisticated Ladies

Best in Style
Best Contemporary 13& over- Mariella
Best Open 13& over- Glory of Love

Overall Best Choreography of the Competition:

Overall Production of the Competition:
Ready, Set, Fly!

Congratulations to the EDA Competitive team on all of their achievements!

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