Monday, March 3, 2014

Kick it Up Results

WOW!  what an amazing weekend, what an amazing team!  We are so privileged to have such an inspiring group of dancers and supportive families.  Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

Overall high marks:
 2nd overall mini solo Serena
1st overall mini solo Taylor
2nd overall junior solo Cristina
1st overall mini trio Jazz It Up
1st overall senior trio Americano
3rd overall group Walking on Sunshine
2nd overall group Jailhouse Rock

Pre competitive
3rd overall group Ritmo
2nd Overall group Prima Donna

3rd overall ballet Lauren
2nd overall ballet Danielle
4th overall senior solo Danielle

2nd overall ballet trio Danse des demoiselles
1st overall mini trio Its my Party
1st overall Junior trio Way to the Future
3rd overall Senior trio Settle Down

Small Groups
3rd overall Hope
1st overall Wake Me Up

Large Groups
3rd overall Mini Hyenas
2nd overall Mini Martian Machine
1st overall Mini What Does Love Look Like To You
3rd overall ballet group Alexander the Great
1st overall ballet group Chinese Dance
2nd overall Musical Theatre Valentines Day
3rd overall Junior Kick It
1st overall Junior Mad World
3rd overall Senior Where Have You Been

1st overall highest production Leading Ladies

Best In Style (top mark of the discipline)
Contemporary:  Mad World
Jazz-  Kick It
Lyrical:  Wake Me Up
Open-  Way To the Future

scholarships:  Taylor Mezzatesta and Danielle Belanger
Standout potential awards:  Elivs Babes, Prima Donna, Martian Machine
choreography awards:  Earth Song, Hope, Valentines Day, Mad World

We also received so many special awards and standout awards that we couldn't even keep up!  Congratulations to all dancers on such an amazing first competition of the season:)

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