Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leading ladies


Cindy:  Prince Charming is soooo needy, he is totally suffocating me.  I was insane to marry him just because the shoe fit.  He is so creepy, I am out of here.

Aurora:  Thank you Prince Phillip for slaying the dragon, but now can you please get off the couch?  I have spent enough of my life sleeping, I don't need to watch your open, drooling, snoring mouth with t.v.remote in hand.  Arrrgh!

Ariel:  I do not need to be a part of Prince Eric's world!  Now I know how much gas a human man has once he becomes "comfortable".  Gross me out! 

Belle:  Prince Adam has really let himself go, and I mean back to the Beast.  I just cant wax that back hair again, its over!

Snow White:  Well my Prince calls his Mom five times a day, and compares all of my cooking to hers.  Please Prince Charming, we are through, go back home to live with your Momma!

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